The best places to live for asthmatics

Updated July 19, 2017

Asthma is a lung disease that causes difficulty breathing, persistent coughing and constant wheezing when the airways become inflamed. The respiratory condition is triggered by numerous factors, among them irritants in the air, exercise and sudden changes in the weather.

For people with asthma, the environment can be a major trigger for an attack. Some environmental triggers are air pollution from factories, ozone pollution, tobacco smoke and pollen. Climate is also a contributing factor. Locations that are hot and dry can be challenging for people with asthma.

Ideal Living Conditions for Asthmatics

In the United States, there are numerous cities with ideal living conditions for people with asthma. The environmental triggers are low, and the weather conditions are stable. These locations generally have a low pollen count or short pollen season, good outdoor air quality, a low number of ozone days and city laws that ban smoking in public places.

Coastal cities are best for asthmatics because the ocean breeze blows away pollutants, pollen and other irritants. People with asthma also tend to do better in areas that have mild climates with little humidity or extreme weather temperatures.


Several cities in California are among the top U.S. metropolitan cities recognised as the best places to live for asthmatics. Orange County, with its steady mild temperatures, has low pollen levels and few people who smoke because of its tough no smoking laws.

Both San Diego and San Jose are ideal cities for people with asthma. Both have a mild climate and strict public smoking laws, while San Diego also has low pollen levels. San Francisco and Los Angeles-Long Beach also offer asthmatics a near perfect climate and low pollen counts.

New York and New Jersey

Upstate New York, particularly Syracuse, is among the best places to live for asthmatics. Syracuse offers little to no ozone pollution and very low pollen counts. The same benefits can also be enjoyed in the Monmouth-Ocean and Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon areas in New Jersey.


Several of the coastal areas of Florida offer the best environmental conditions for people with asthma. West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, Cape Coral, Daytona Beach and Palm Bay all have low levels of pollen, no ozone pollution and low air pollution.

Other Top U.S. Cities

Several other U.S. cities with low levels of air pollution, ozone pollution and pollen are Seattle, Washington; Honolulu, Hawaii; Portland, Maine; the McAllen, Edinburg and Mission areas in Texas; and Boise City, Idaho.

Should You Move?

If you suffer from asthma and are not living in an area ranked as the best environment for asthmatics, it does not mean you have to move. Not all asthma triggers are the same for every individual. Even though one city may be ideal because of its climate and low pollen and pollution counts, there might be something else there that could trigger your asthma. Wherever you live, have access to comprehensive asthma management services and specialists.

If you are planning a move because of a lifestyle change, it is best to spend several days in the area to be sure it is an environment conducive to your asthma.

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