Messy hairstyles for short hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Messy hairstyles for short hair have become a popular trend, especially in models and teenage girls. Having short hair often means that you only have to spend a few minutes fixing your hair before you're off to work or out for the evening. Messy hairstyles for short hair are easily fixed, can fit any person’s style, and don’t have to look unkempt if done right.

Waves of Wonder

Messy hairstyles for short hair can be done in a hurry or left to set overnight. Wavy, messy hair can be fixed at night and be ready to go in the morning. Twist small sections of messy hair and secure the locks, still twisted, with hair clips or hair elastics; twist at least the top section up in this way and allow to dry while sleeping. In the morning, remove the hair clips or hair elastics, and brush the curls loose with your fingers. Add a little hairspray, and you’re ready to go.

Bed Head

After shampooing and applying a leave-in conditioner, flip the head over and brush the hair towards the floor. Mix equal parts of a shine serum and mousse or gel, and apply lightly to the parts of the hair closest to the head. Crunch the hair towards the head while cool drying with a blow-dryer to set in the curls. Once dry, flip the hair back over the head, and use a pick to part the hair without disturbing the curls. The bed head look should be a little frizzy, so don’t try to calm the frizz with too much mousse or gel, or you’ll end up with flat hair stuck to your head with gel.


To give really short hair a messy style takes a little more work. The most popular messy hairstyle for women with bobs is to straighten and curl the front and top of the hair to complement the face, and then to allow the back to be spiky and messy. To do this, the front and top of the hair should be fixed first, and then gel or mouse applied to the back to spike the hair.


Another popular messy hairstyle for short hair is the wind-tossed look. To accomplish this look you will need a straightening iron and hairspray. After the hair has dried, spray tiny sections of hair with hairspray. While the spray is still damp, run the straightening iron over the section, pulling out and up; this will make the sections flair out. Don’t overspray the hair, or it will look clumpy. Run the fingers through from the bottom, upward, to give the finished look additional volume.

Beach Look

The beach look works for any hair length, including short hair. To give short hair a messy, beach look, pick lightly after shampooing to remove tangles. Comb in a leave-in conditioner and blow dry on a low setting, using the fingers to lift the hair from the roots to give it volume.

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