Symptoms of viral prostate infection

Written by dana severson
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A viral prostate infection is a disease of the prostate caused by a virus. Often referred to as simply prostatitis, this condition is usually characterised by an inflammation of the prostate gland. There is some belief that certain cases of chronic prostatitis are due to the herpes simplex virus or the cytomegalovirus, but support is limited on the actual cause of the condition. Though extremely rare, this form of prostatitis would prompt some of the same signs and symptoms of bacterial prostatitis.


For some men, a viral prostate infection may cause no symptoms at all. Or the symptoms are so mild that they will cause you no alarm. In either situation, you may only become aware of the condition purely by accident, such as after a periodic check-up at your doctor's office.


One of the most common symptoms of a viral prostate infection is pain. This pain is usually isolated with the penis and testicles, but it also may diffuse into other areas of the body, such as the perineum, groin, abdomen or even back. With this particular symptom, pain can range in intensity form an uncomfortable ache to a sharp, dragging pain.

Urinary Difficulties

It is also possible for a viral prostate infection to cause symptoms involving some level of urinary difficulties. Some men may experience a burning or stinging sensation upon urination. For others, this symptom manifests as more frequent or urgent urination. It may even cause actual disruptions in urination or impede the ability to fully empty the bladder. With urinary difficulties, it really depends on the man as to how symptoms manifest and affect urination.

Ejaculatory Difficulties

Sometimes, a viral prostate infection can affect ejaculation. When this particular symptom is present, it most often feels like a burning or stinging sensation upon ejaculation.


Though not as common as other symptoms, a viral prostate infection also may result in a fever, ranging from mild to severe. In some situations, the fever is accompanied by "the chills"--a feeling of coldness that causes you to shake or chatter even though your temperature is elevated. It may also bring with it some fatigue or malaise.

Digestive Distress

A viral prostate infection may also cause you to experience some digestive distress, manifesting as an upset stomach, nausea or vomiting.

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