Small Yard Garden Ideas

There are quite a few small-yard garden ideas that use space efficiently. Planning a garden for a small yard requires a certain level of creativity. There are places in the yard most would not think to use for gardening that actually make ideal spots. Gardens can be grown almost anywhere as long as the plants have their specific sun, water and nutrient needs met.

Self-watering Planters

Gardening with self-watering planters is a solution for small yards. Place them on patios, balconies, porches, decks or in the yard. Planters are conveniently portable with no need to worry about weeds or poor soil conditions. Self-watering planters come in a variety of designs, and there are kits available to turn any planter into one. Plants do better because the roots have constant access to water. Use good quality potting soil to avoid soil-borne diseases and weed seeds.

Square-foot Gardening

Square-foot gardening is a technique for small spaces that was created by Mel Bartholomew. The beds are typically 4-feet by 4-feet. The plants are placed in the bed in a grid pattern. Vegetables, herbs and flowers are grown successfully using the square-foot method. The plants are grown very close together. This works because of a special soil mix that is added to the bed. According to testimonials, the yields are impressive.

Raised Beds

Raised garden beds will fit in even the smallest yard. The soil does not have to be good because the bed will be filled with high-quality soil and compost. There are fewer weeds. When they do appear, they are easy to reach and pull out of the loose soil. Make raised beds in any shape or size, but keep the width around 4-feet for easy access to the centre. Premade beds and kits are available for purchase at places like Gardener's Supply.

Grow Up

Use plant supports and trellises to grow a vertical garden. Plants that can be trellised are cucumbers, pumpkins, melons, squash, peas and pole beans. Heavier produce, such as watermelon, will need some extra support to hold their weight. Trellises can be made from old step ladders or poles and posts with heavy netting attached. They can also be purchased at garden centres. Grow tomatoes using bamboo poles, cages and specially designed ladders to keep the tomatoes off of the ground and create more space.

Be Creative

Gardens can be tucked in just about anywhere. Create beds along the driveway, in the side yard and along fences. Don't be afraid to remove grass or get rid of the lawn entirely. Think of all of the time and money saved by not having to mow. Vegetables can be planted in traditional landscape designs. Plant a couple of tomatoes in a flower or rose bed. Edge an existing bed with lettuce, strawberries and spinach. Use whatever sunny space is available.

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