Poole Pottery Information

Written by cam middour | 13/05/2017
Poole Pottery Information
Pottery (pottery image by Avesun from Fotolia.com)

Poole Pottery is a pottery manufacturer that was founded and originally based in the town of Poole, in Dorset, England. Since opening, Poole Pottery has cultivated a reputation as a forerunner in the world of artistic ceramics. Poole's pieces have changed through the years, aligning and contributing to the art movements of the time, such as art deco, Art Nouveau and Modernism. Pieces by Poole Pottery are considered valuable collectors' items.


Poole Pottery was not originally named as such. It began with a company called Carter's Industrial Tile Manufactory, which later turned into the company Carter Stabler and Adams, with the merged talents of Jesse Carter, Harold Stabler and John Adams. Carter Stabler and Adams eventually became Poole Pottery, and after World War II, began producing unusual and aesthetic pieces. Poole Pottery credits itself with "many distinctive contributions to such periods and movements as the late Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism."


Besides purely artistic collectable pieces, Poole Pottery is also the creator of various tableware lines. Patterns range from white backgrounds with flowering rose detailing, to the famous two-tone pattern, which consists of a dark colour tone on the bottom of a dish, and a light one on top, or visa-versa.


Over the years, the designs of Poole Pottery pieces have been the work of many talented artists, potters, designers and painters. As of 2010, the team of artists includes Alan White, Graham Moss, Nicola Massarella and Jane Brewer. Artists Alfred Read and Guy Sydenham were the creators of the free form pottery patterns created by Poole from 1952 to 1958. After the retirement of Alfred Read, designer Robert Jefferson was brought in to take over. He began implementation of more contemporary production techniques.


Poole Pottery has closed and reopened more than once. The most recent closure occurred on Dec. 15, 2006. Poole Pottery was apparently in debt to more than 300 creditors for more than 1 million British pounds. By February 2007, Poole Pottery was able to reopen under the ownership of Lifestyle Group, LTD., which also owns another pottery manufacturer.

Current Collection

As of 2010, Poole Pottery collections of contemporary products are diverse in shape and pattern. Shapes available include: bud vase, concave vase, dish, ginger jar, Manhattan vase, purse vase, trinket box, pillar vase and Venetian vase. The names of the current colours and patterns include: Alchemy, Infusion, Odyssey, Precious, Galaxy, Forest Flame and Volcano.

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