What is mom exe?

You’ve found a file called “MOM.exe” on your computer or you are receiving MOM.exe-related error messages. Don't panic. Although some viruses and malware can mimic names of files like this, if you have an ATI Radeon graphics card with the ATI Catalyst Control Panel software, MOM.exe is supposed to be there.


MOM.exe is normally a part of a program called the ATI Catalyst Control Center. This program comes as part of the video card driver package you get with ATI Radeon video cards or in updates. MOM.exe takes the place of CLI.exe processes in older versions of the ATI drivers, so the program might appear after an update of your ATI drivers or the installation of a new video card and drivers. The program is generally harmless.

Should I get rid of it?

MOM.exe is an essential element of the ATI Catalyst Control Center’s monitoring software. It should not be deleted. It comes with Catalyst Control Center Installation 7.2 and is an essential process, controlling the ATI video card’s graphics functions. Removing it will interfere with the proper functioning of your video drivers.


If you are getting MOM.exe error messages, try uninstalling ATI Catalyst Control Center and then reinstalling the software to see if the problem is corrected. Go to the manufacturer’s website and upload the latest version of the driver and Control Center software for your ATI Radeon video card before reinstalling. This should solve your problem. If it does not, contact the manufacturer for help.

Do I have to run MOM.exe?

You don’t have to run Catalyst Control Center (with MOM.exe) at startup. If you select ATI CCC to be run at startup, a clickable ATI icon will appear at the bottom right of your Windows screen in the system tray. This allows you to quickly change your video card settings, clone a monitor or otherwise adjust how your video card processes signals from your computer. This can be useful if you frequently stream videos to your television set. ATI CCC can be run manually but will take longer to start up.

Viruses and malicious software

Viruses and other malicious programs can mimic legitimate programs like MOM.exe, and such phoney programs can cause real problems for your computer. Often removing malicious software can be tricky and, if done improperly, can cause you even more troubles. If reinstalling the ATI CCC software driver package doesn't fix your problem, get a good anti-virus/anti-malware software package. Using good protection software not only helps you fix problems you may be having with malicious software, but it can prevent such problems from ever occurring in the first place.
If the problem persists and you don't have a lot of experience meddling with your computer's registry and operating system, it is best to hire an expert to fix your problem.

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