Is Titanium Cookware Healthy to Use?

Written by jakaye jesse | 13/05/2017

Over the years, people have tried different tools in the kitchen to make cooking quick and easy. When it comes to the use of pots and pans, the best modern recommendation is to use titanium cookware.


Non-stick surfaces on cookware means that the cooking time and clean up time in the kitchen may be faster, but is a non-stick surface really safe? Non-stick surfaces on cookware such as Teflon or Silverstone can release toxins into the food. It has been noted that once the heating temperature of a cooking pan reaches 230 degrees C (usually within two to five minutes) dangerous levels of toxins escape and release into the air and into your food.


When buying non-stick cookware, be aware of the side effects that can be caused by some non-stick surfaces.

The most prominent type of pan used is the aluminium pan. The problem with aluminium is that salty and acidic foods cause the aluminium to break down, releasing dangerous toxins into your food.


Some illnesses associated with non-stick cookware are Alzheimer's disease and polmer fume fever. Alzheimer's disease has been linked with aluminium and the release of the aluminium into foods.

Polmer fume fever is the name given by DuPont, the leading manufacturer of Teflon, to the illness associated with the dangerous fumes released from Teflon during the cooking process. The symptoms associated with polmer fume fever are headaches, tightening of the chest, coughs, sore throat and shortness of breath.


Titanium cookware is a better alternative to other non-stick cookware because there are no known health risks associated with the product. Titanium cookware:

Has a faster cook time, meaning that the non-stick surface will allow you to use less oil, reducing fat and calories in each meal.

Is easy to clean, reducing clean-up time in the kitchen.

Is resistant to scratches and dents so that your product will last longer.

The product is light weight, giving way to alternative uses for your pots and pans other than the household kitchen, such as using your cookware on camping trips.


Titanium is prone to hot spots, causing uneven cooking or burning of food.


Titanium cookware is a safer product versus aluminium and Teflon. There are no known health risks involved with cooking with titanium. Titanium is extremely durable so your cookware may last a lifetime.

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