Crazy hat ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The point of a crazy hat is to be original and to show off your personality. Being creative with your crazy hat idea will not only help you to ensure that your hat is a one of a kind but will also demonstrate just how fun and daring you can be.

Places as Hats

Places are a good inspiration for crazy hats. You can build your favourite building, monument, or even bridge on top of a regular hat by using foam, paper mache, or other building tools. Whatever you use, make sure that it is well anchored to the hat and that it is light enough for you to wear it. An interesting idea for a hat featuring a place is the solar system, which can be built on a knit cap using floral wire, some foam balls and a little paint.


Flowers are fairly commonly used in the making of nice, normal hats. However, flowers can also be used to make crazy hats. Rather than just placing a single, neat flower on the brim of your hat, make it so that several flowers are sprouting up all over your hat, coming out at interesting angles or grouped together to look like a floral arrangement. You can also spray paint or dip the flowers in glitter or paint colours to give them a unique appearance.


Food as the subject for a crazy hat is always fun. Whenever possible try to use fake food for your hat decoration as it will last longer and be easier to use than real food unless you intend the hat to be edible. Create a breakfast tray with fake food for your head. Or go a step further and make your hat edible by covering a fedora with your favourite wrapped hard candies or building a layer cake out of wrapped chocolate bars. If you are using real food to decorate your hat, secure it to the hat with tape or Velcro--anything that will stick but is non-toxic when used with wrapped candies or food.

Stuffed Animals

Using stuffed animals to decorate your crazy hat can create a kind of animation on top of your hat. You can attach the stuffed animal to almost any kind of hat using Velcro or by simply tying it securely, which works best on baseball or trucker hats. Animate the animal by changing its position or by adding floral wire to hold up its head or arms.

Sports Themes

One of the most common reasons for having a crazy hat is to support your favourite sports team. Creating an uncommon, sports-themed crazy hat can be done using toys that are miniature versions of sports balls that will fit more easily on a hat than their larger counterparts. Another crazy hat idea is to use paper mache to create a parade float on top of a wide-brimmed hat for your sports team. Your hat can also be the centre of attention at your sports party by taking a wide brimmed sturdy hat, such as an undecorated sombrero, and cover it with your team's colours. Affix small serving bowls to the brim of the hat and your hat can serve chips, pretzels, candy and other lightweight snacks. When using the serving hat, it is best to not put dips, meatballs or other liquid or heavy foods that can easily shift and fall over on the hat brim.

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