What is bioderma?

Updated April 17, 2017

Bioderma is the brand name for specialised dermatological products developed by a French company and its laboratory located in the central France city of Lyon. The company has created and markets a wide variety of creams and cleansers for skin care.


The Bioderma company was founded in 1985 and since then the popularity of its products have grown dramatically. The corporate headquarters are located in Aix en Provence but in 2001 the company opened its specialised biometrology lab for skincare research and development in Lyon. The products are widely recommended by dermatologists and are used by women around the world. Bioderma speciality products are sold in over five dozen countries worldwide.

Product Range

Bioderma has created a range of dermatological products covering a wide range of skin types and skin conditions, including dry, oily, sensitive and damaged. Additional products add sun protection or are designed for babies and children.

Research & Development

Bioderma's research departments are primarily located in the French Provencale town of Aix en Provence. The company works with other research centres, scientists and dermatologists in order to create speciality skin care products designed for specific skin types.

Sensitive Skin

A primary market niche for which Bioderma has become known is creams and cleansers that care for sensitive skin. Products are designed for women, and include a special category for babies and children.


As skin ages, it develops dark spots and, of course, wrinkles. Bioderma targets skin pigmentation problem in White Objective products---a Cleansing Solution and Day Cream. The main ingredient that Bioderma promotes in its Day Cream is vitamin C to limit melanin production that causes tanning, and the excess pigmentation of age spots.


The Bioderma products include various cleansers, such as a mild make-up remover and cleanser called Crealine H2O Ultra-Mild Non-Rinse Face and Eyes Cleanser and the Bioderma Face & Eyes No Rinse Lait Cleanser.

Creams & Sun Protection

Bioderma is known for luxury skin care and its range of creams is vast, including creams that do and do not include sun protection. Those including sun protection often provide from 40 to 50 SPF protection. Additional creams are designed to help dry or dry and sensitive skin, oily skin, and skin with scars or laser damage.

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