Metaphysical properties of white topaz

Written by f.r.r. mallory
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Metaphysical properties of white topaz
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When the principles of reality transcend science they cross over into philosophical studies that loosely fall under the term "metaphysics." This branch of philosophy studies the fundamentals of being and knowing. Metaphysics goes beyond the physical and material, into the abstract and immaterial, removing the distractions of substance in an effort to better understand and know the fundamental nature of existence. Pure topaz is a prismatic, transparent crystal whose natural ends are often shaped like pyramids and whose base is frequently flattened. White (also called silver) topaz, is created when impurities colour the topaz.

Metaphysical Attributes

The essential nonphysical, or non-material, attributes of white topaz are those attributes that exist beyond what science can tell us. Some of those properties include spiritual and emotional attributes, therapeutic values and characteristics of healing and purification. These types of attributes have emerged anecdotally. Over time, people have handled and used these stones in different ways, reporting or documenting their experiences until the attributes become part of collective human folklore. By choosing not to be defined by the regimentation of science or requirements of a specific source, these metaphysical properties become accessible to all who desire to explore them.


The white topaz is a strikingly beautiful stone, often laced with golden edges or flecks. As with most white stones, the white topaz has is associated with the air element and clarity of vision, thoughts and emotions. Ancient Egyptians referred to white topaz as the "gem of the sun" and wore it as a way to invoke the protection of the Sun God Ra. The Romans also believed the topaz represented their sun god, Helios, and that this gem could strengthen insight and improve eyesight. Strength and warmth are properties commonly associated with topaz. Through the protections of wearing or possessing topaz the individual is thought to improve their thinking such that they will no longer be tempted by greed and ill-reasoned thoughts.


Other metaphysical properties of the white topaz include promoting the success of endeavours, improving interrelationships through communication and understanding and improving the expression of ideas. Insight gained through the influence of the topaz encourages a deeper understanding of self and the intentional process of personal expansion and growth. Clearer thinking improves overall health, and the ability to trust grows as clarity provides for understanding and insight into the personal truths of others.

Healing Attributes

The healing properties of the white topaz include easing the stress of being unheard such that the person can cease excessive speech and reduce teeth clenching and headaches associated with contractions of the neck and throat.


The white topaz can assist in reducing inappropriate sexual expression such as infidelity. Through its clarifying and cleansing properties, the white topaz can relieve the suffering of chronic depression, allow for the increase of confidence and self-affirmations, which contribute to the individuals chances of success in what they wish to accomplish. With the white topaz, you invite compassion and communication inside so that you can listen before speaking in order to increase your ability to bridge communication problems with others. These improvements allow others to experience you as a warm and trustworthy person.

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