Facts about Matrix hair colour

Updated April 17, 2017

Matrix, is a part of L'Oreal USA's Professional Products Division. Matrix offers a variety of hair colour and product lines to suit everything from chemically treated hair to particular styles and textures. Maxtrix's hair colour line offers a wide range of colours to allow for creativity as well as to illuminate and add shine in the process.

The colour lines

Matrix offers a variety of hair colour options to suit your specific needs and wants. - offers superb coverage and shine for grey hair. - Color Sync is a great tone-on-tone even colour that adds additional shine with the option to add a boost of vibrancy. - Prizms.PLUS is a semi-permanent dye that offers intense shine without the addition of ammonia or peroxide. Prizms.PLUS offers 14 different shades and washes out in eight to 12 shampoos. - V-Light is a dusted violet powder used to lighten a certain shade up to seven levels.
- Colorgraphics 2 offers six different pigments for highlighting and toning. This product is used off the scalp and also conditions the hair.

Where to get it

Matrix is made to sell specifically in Matrix salons, but there are some beauty supply shops and online stores that sell it. However, be cautious when considering the purchase of products not sold in a salon; a product could have been diluted or it might have expired. For the best results, Matrix hair colouring should be done in a salon by a professional colourist.

After care

To protect and retain the vibrancy of your new colour, it's best to use colour care products afterward. Matrix's Biolage line offers ColorCareTherapie. This line includes a mixture of sunflower oil, UV filters and soy proteins. Use the Color Care Shampoo to cleanse, the Color Care Conditioner to treat and the Shielding Shine Mist to finish.

The spot test

It is important to do a spot test prior to using any hair dyes to ensure your body will not have a reaction.

According to the FDA, the following symptoms can occur from hair dye: - Hair loss - Burning - Redness - Itchy or raw skin - Swelling in the face - Trouble breathing

If you are concerned about having a reaction or have had reactions in the past, you might want to contact your salon to ask whether its professionals can perform a spot test on you at least two days prior to your scheduled appointment.

Colouring your hair and pregnancy

Pregnant women should be cautious before using any kind of chemical treatment for their hair. If you have any concerns, speak to your health care provider prior to going to the salon.

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