What did women wear in the 70s?

Updated April 17, 2017

The 70s inspired big, bold fashion. Mini skirts, short shorts and flare-bottomed trousers became popular, and listening to disco music became the norm. Disco also inspired specific looks that included polyester suits and wraparound dresses. Most clothing came in bright colours and blouses and shirts came in semi-transparent floral prints. Many fashion trends that appeared in that era continue to be popular to this day.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have a thick front sole and a heel that is the same height or higher. Although most platform shoes look like sandals with straps, in the 70s they were also available in a boot or regular shoe styles. The soles were normally made of wood or cork, but there were also other designs. One design that stood out was a clear plastic platform with a goldfish swimming around inside.

Halter Tops

Halter tops are tops that have an open top back area. They usually tie up around the neck and sometimes leave the midriff area exposed. The hottest halter top style from the 70s was a triangle-shaped top that tied in the back and around the neck. Some girls even used bandannas to wear as halter tops. They came in all colours and sizes and were considered a very sexy item.

Bell Bottoms

Slacks went from boot cut to flare leg in the 70s. These trousers were called bell bottoms and were just like everyday trousers except for the huge bell-shaped bottom. They were usually worn accompanied with platform shoes to complete the whole look and they were worn by both men and women.

Short Shorts

The 70s meant most styles were shortened. Skirts, dresses and shorts were all cut off to expose the entire leg area. Athletic short shorts also were very popular and could be worn everyday with sneakers. But if you were going to a disco, a neatly styled short worn with platform shoes was more appropriate. A television commercial from the 1970s warned women everywhere that, "if they dare wear shorts" they had better also have smooth legs.

Wrap Around Dresses

In the 70s, you could not go to a disco without seeing a woman wearing a wraparound dress. They were usually made with polyester material and came in many colours. They resembled a bathrobe in the way they fit but they were much tighter and form fitting. They flattered the female figure and exposed leg and cleavage.

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