Dog Bite Treatments for Dogs

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Every dog bite that breaks a dog's skin should be treated. The type of treatment a dog receives for a dog bite wound should depend on the severity and location of the bite. Even the smallest wound may require a visit to a veterinary professional due to the possibility of an infection that can become serious.

Every Dog Bite Wound Should Be Carefully Examined

Dog bites inflicted on another dog can be very traumatic and even cause death if left untreated. For the best chance of a full recovery from the dog bite, a thorough examination should be carried out, and treatment should begin as soon as possible. The likelihood of infection from even a single dog bite wound is significant. Dogs may suffer bites from other dogs as a result of playing too aggressively or, more commonly, during a fight.

Initial Treatment Can Be Administered at Home

Dog bite treatments for dogs may include at-home care, where the dog's owner administers treatment before a visit to the veterinary professional. If the wound is fresh, home care of the dog bite should include cleaning the bite wound thoroughly with tepid water or an antiseptic. A topical antibiotic, such as povidone iodine, should also be used after the wound has been cleaned. Treatment recommendations should also be contingent on the degree of pain the dog is suspected of having. A dog believed to be in severe pain should be treated by a veterinary professional immediately.

Seek Treatment Immediately for Bites That Are Bleeding Heavily

Veterinary treatment of a dog bite that is causing significant bleeding should begin as soon as possible. Treatment recommendations will also depend on the type of damage caused by the dog bite. Dog bite wounds can result in tearing, crushing, puncture wounds, and skin and tissue lacerations. Every dog's mouth is full of bacteria, and all dog bite wounds should be considered serious with the possibility of infection significant and even likely.

Severe Pain Is an Indication That the Dog Bite May Be Serious

If the dog is in severe pain or if an abscess appears, sedation and pain medication administered by a veterinary professional may be in order. Treatment may also include surgery to investigate the degree of the damage caused by the dog bite.

Objective of Treatment

One of the primary objectives of treatment is to prevent the dog bite from becoming infected. Hair, dirt and damaged tissue should be removed, and the bite wound should be cleaned with a disinfectant such as Chlorhexidine or povidine iodine. In the event that fluid is collecting at the site of the dog bite, a temporary drain may be used and the bite wound sutured.The veterinary professional will usually prescribe an antibiotic, such as amoxicillin, for any dog bite that breaks the skin.

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