What is the red hat society?

The Red Hat Society is an international organisation of women over age 50 who seek to support each other, forge friendships, attend activities and meetings, and age past 50 together. There are local chapters that are overseen by a "Queen" who is in charge of that group. Each local chapter is a small part of the large international network.

Red Hats

Members of the Red Hat Society wear the signature red hats when they gather for meetings or activities. In addition to the red hats, a purple outfit is also worn. The idea behind this outfit combination is that it is fun, unconventional and a little silly. That is the premise of the Red Hat Society in general.


The Red Hat Society has an international queen who is the founder of the society. Under this international queen, there are local chapter queens who can begin their own Red Hat Society group and can manage the business and activities of this group.


Members of the Red Hat Society pay yearly dues. There are two membership levels. The queen membership is more expensive than the regular membership, however, there are additional advantages and privileges with the queen membership. Women who seek to start their own local chapter must join the Red Hat Society under the queen membership level.


The Red Hat Society holds several international events each year. These events are attended by society members around the world and are highly anticipated. In addition to the international events, there are also smaller national, state and city events that are also held. Typical event activities include a banquet, a dance and sometimes other types of entertainment.

Online Activities

There are numerous online activities available for Red Hat Society members on the society's website. After membership dues are paid, a member will be given a membership name and log-in information that will enable them to access the members' area of the website. There is a lounge area where members can visit together online, there are online games, and there are event-planning services. There is also a Friday broadcast that is presented each week during which members can connect and receive current information from the Queen.

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