Are Cockapoos Good With Kids?

The affectionate and loyal Cockapoo has been one of most popular hybrid dogs since the early 1960s. It was first bred in the United States, long before the term "designer dog" became fashionable. This little charmer was winning the hearts of Americans then and later other parts of the world. He has since become known as an ideal companion to adults and children alike.


The Cockapoo is a hybrid, with American Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Poodle in her breeding. Both of these breeds are human-oriented, and the Cockapoo has inherited these traits. She is known to be intelligent, loyal and sweet to those who love her and is usually very accepting with those she has just met, including children. This breed also has some protectiveness in her personality and will alert you when someone is approaching your property.


The Cockapoo wants to spend all of his time with his family, making him a devoted playmate for the kids. He will be happy to take walks, go for a drive, hang out at the park or take a long vacation with you. He will patiently sit with the children while they do their homework and jump for joy when they are ready to go outside and play catch.


Because she is a smart and attentive breed, she picks up obedience training easily. The older children in the family can help to teach her manners and all kind of tricks. She may even enjoy agility training, as she certainly should have the stamina for it. Because she is so easy to train and is usually sweet in temperament, the family might want to participate in training her as therapy dog.


As the Cockapoo is considered a low shedding dog, he may be less likely to affect children and adults with allergies to pet hair. If you have accustomed him to being brushed and bathed early on, there should be no problem for the children when they assist in grooming him. He will need to be groomed at least a few times a week using a brush and comb, to avoid matting.

Size and Life Expectancy

The Cockapoo can grow to a height between 9 to 13 inches and weigh from about 5.9 to 8.16kg., in the miniature size. There are some toy size Cockapoos who can weigh under 5.44kg. Some Cockapoos can suffer from progressive retinal atrophy, pateller luxation or diabetes, but she is a relatively healthy breed who can live from 15 to 18 years, making her a pet who will be there throughout most of your child's youth.

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