Passport Requirements in UK

Updated March 23, 2017

Passport and visa requirements differ from country to country. In the United Kingdom, there are several requirements before someone can get a chance to apply for a passport. The passport allows the person to travel to different countries as long as it is valid. For first time passport applicants, it is vital to know the various requirements in order to have a smoother application process.

Basic Requirements

There are basic requirements to fulfil before a person can apply for a UK passport. First is citizenship. The requirement is that the applicant should be a British citizen, a British national, a British protected person, a British overseas citizen or a British subject. There are dates and information to consider if a person falls under these categories. Eligibility for applying a passport in the UK can also depend on the mother, the spouse or the territory where the applicant lives. Citizens 16 years of age and older are welcome to apply for an adult UK passport. These are some of the basic requirements needed to be eligible for passport application in the UK.

Documents, Forms and Fees

After determining the eligibility of the applicant, the next requirement is to get the necessary documents and application forms. Application forms are available by request, online or from post offices that have passport check and send services. The applicant must complete the application form and sign it. Original supporting documents are also a requirement. One of them is the proof of being a British citizen. However, the IPS (Identity and Passport Service) does not accept a birth certificate as a proof of citizenship and identity. Submit complete forms, documents and application fees to the IPS for the processing of the UK passport.

Passport Interview

An interview is the last requirement for the UK passport. This is necessary for applicants who are applying for an adult passport for the first time. The passport interview is more of a security precaution as many people tend to apply for passports with fake identities. Interviews take place at the IPS Regional Passport Office. The IPS staff checks the applicant's identification before the interview process. Interviews last up to thirty minutes and mainly consist of questions and facts about the applicant. The answers to these questions may be something that only the applicant knows. This confirms the identity of the applicant. IPS discards any personal and private information recorded about the applicant during the interview process.

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