Endowmax Dangers

Updated February 15, 2018

Some men are dissatisfied with the size of their penises. Instead of accepting themselves as they are, some try products that claim to increase the size of a man's penis without surgery or prescription medications. Endowmax is one such product. The biggest health risk may be disappointment when the product doesn't work.


Endowmax is a product designed to increase a man's penis size and improve his enjoyment of sexual activities. According to its manufacturers, it is safe for penis enlargement and is guaranteed to work. The biggest health risk of Endowmax is that it may not work. Using this product and having it fail may lead to a man's continued insecurity and dissatisfaction with his sexual performance.


According to its manufacturers, Endowmax is made of all-natural ingredients. These ingredients include maca, L-Arginine, muira puama, damian, cnidium monnier extract and GABA. It also contains epimedium concentrate, tribulius, jujube date extract, xanthoparmelias scarbrosa and tonkat.


Besides increasing penis size, Endowmax is marketed as helpful for improving a man's performance in bed and increasing his endurance. It is said to help men achieve better control of erections, including the timing of ejaculations and improving firmness. It is even said to lead to more powerful orgasms.

Side Effects

According to the manufacturers of Endowmax, the product does not cause side effects. However, it is a good idea to discuss the supplement ingredients with your doctor before you take it, just to be on the safe side. Many people rely on FDA approval when deciding whether or not a product is dangerous. Unfortunately, this is not a gauge you can use when considering Endowmax. Since it is a supplement, its manufacturers do not have to seek FDA approval. Instead, the FDA reserves its involvement for supplements that are suspected of being dangerous.


Endowmax is sold over the counter and does not require a prescription. The manufacturers recommend taking it along with meals twice daily. They claim that the length and girth increases a man achieves while on this product will be permanent. They offer to refund the product's purchase price if it is returned within 60 days of purchase.


While Endowmax may not harm your health, there's little evidence that it will work. According to the Mayo Clinic, penis-enlargement supplements have not been proven effective. However, the makers of Endowmax assert that the product is 98 per cent effective.

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