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Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you call it pewter, silver or grey, when your hair starts to lose pigment, it's time to change how you take care of it. Grey hair needs different products than younger hair because it can be drier, more wiry and more brittle. Shampoo developed for grey hair keeps it soft and manageable.


When hair turns grey, the melanocytes, or cells in the hair follicles, cease to produce the pigment that gives hair its colour. The result is a transparent piece of hair. This transparent hair looks grey when it appears next to other healthy hair. Grey hair also can lack nutrients that younger hair has, such as vitamin B12 and Omega 3. This results in stiffness, brittleness and dryness of the grey hairs. A grey hair shampoo should be formulated to deal with the unique composition of grey hair.


Many regular shampoos cause grey hair to turn yellow. This is because the grey hair absorbs the colouration of the shampoo. Some specially formulated shampoos for grey hair have bluing tints that eliminate the yellowing effect. Some examples of bluing shampoos are Artec White Violet Color, Zerran Blue and Clairol Shimmer Lights.


Grey hair shampoo is specially formulated to provide vitamins, nutrients and moisture to ageing hair. While shampooing, massage the scalp as this stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, which delivers nutrients and oxygen.


When a hair follicle starts to produce grey or transparent hair, there is no way to reverse that process. In other words, your hair will not naturally go back to its normal colour after it has gone grey. Several shampoos promise to gradually return your hair to its original colour, but those shampoos rely on dye to achieve results. Dying grey hair is perfectly acceptable, but be aware that the shampoo is not restoring natural pigment to your hair.


Most grey hair shampoos are promoted with compatible conditioners that deliver even more moisture to hair shafts and seals it in. Leave-in conditioners distribute proteins and vitamins along hair shafts, which works well for very wiry grey hair but could cause finer grey hair to lose natural body. Rinse-out conditioners also deliver appropriate nutrients to hair shafts and are appropriate for fine hair as they do not weigh down the hair as much as leave-in conditioners. Use a shampoo and conditioner combination to deliver maximum performance.

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