Fence installation prices

Updated March 23, 2017

If you are on the market for a new fence for your home, you may be wondering about fence installation prices and what you can expect to spend to get the job done. The price you will pay to have a fence installed depends mostly on the work your installer will have to put into the job, the type of fencing you choose and the area in which you live.

Level of Work Involved

Your fence installation price will mostly depend on the level of work that your contractor or installation technician will have to put into the project. To assure a secure fence, your installer will most likely have to dig and pour concrete. The fence posts have to be perfectly arranged in the cement or else the entire structure will be off. You don't want your fence to be crooked or to lean forward or backwards. So if you really want to have the job done right, you have to spend the additional money on an experienced installer.

Going Cheap

If you are on the hunt for lower fence installation prices, you can always go the cheaper route by hiring a family member or friend to do the work or by attempting to do the job yourself. Be prepared for the challenges that could arise.

Style, Quality and Height of Fence

Fence installation prices will vary based on several factors, including the fence style, the quality of the fencing material and the height of the fence.

Some of the more popular fence styles include vinyl fencing, wood fencing, chain link fencing and decorative fencing. Vinyl fencing is usually the least expensive option, so if you are looking for low fence prices, vinyl would be your first choice. Wood fencing is more attractive but also more expensive. You can easily end up spending as much as £32 to £52 per panel for wood fencing styles. Finally, while chain link and decorative fencing does not offer you much privacy, it is low to mid-priced and can sometimes improve the exterior look of a home. Look at the type of fencing that is closest to your price range.

Generally, the taller the fence, the more expensive the cost per panel. If you can deal with a lower fence, you may be able to save some money.

Installation Prices Depend on Your Area

Keep in mind that fence installation prices also depend on the area where you are located. Fencing installers and sellers in the suburbs of New York will most likely charge more than installers and sellers in rural Idaho. This is mostly because of demand. In rural areas, for example, there is probably less need for fencing, since the properties are more spread out and there are little to no privacy issues. Also, your fence installation prices will vary based on the costs required to transport the fencing to your local retailer and the expected salaries of the installation technicians in your area.

Expert Insight

Fence installation prices depend on a number of factors. While you may be motivated to save money on a fence installation project, sometimes it is not a good idea to focus solely on price. Focus more on getting the job done correctly and efficiently.

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