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Updated April 17, 2017

If you've been using your ProForm treadmill steadily, or you're just dusting it off to recommit to a workout routine, you want to be sure it's working properly. You may notice that the roller is sliding slightly or the incline is hitching as you're trying to run up a hill. If your ProForm was purchased recently, your warranty may cover any repair, but if it's a few years old, there are many sites online that can help diagnose the problem and then sell you a part.

Time Frame

Be sure to check your warranty when embarking on a repair for a ProForm treadmill. ProForm warranties the engine on its treadmill for a full eight years, so if the issue is with the motor itself, contact ProForm directly (see Resources below). Other parts and labour are warrantied for 90 days.


Consult your manual to order parts. If you can't find the manual, you can download one from ProForm's website (see Resources below). When you order the parts, you use either an authorised service centres or ProForm's customer service. Be sure to have the ProForm Treadmill model number as well as the name of the treadmill, its serial number as well as the key number and description. You can get all of this information from your manual.


If your ProForm is out of warranty, consider purchasing parts from the Treadmill Doctor (see Resources below). It carries an extensive inventory of parts from belts, decks and motors to electronic control boards and lubricants. The site provides information on Troubleshooting your treadmill and information on finding local dealers if you'd rather not install the parts yourself. It also includes an opportunity to evaluate the broken part to see if it can be repaired and what the repair will cost.


ProForm sells the most treadmills in the United States. Part of Icon Fitness, it includes brands such as Weider, Nordic Track, Reebok and treadmills sold directly under the ProForm brand. As a result, it is relatively easy to find parts for one of ProForm's treadmills. Make sure you buy parts from a reputable dealer--one who offers a guarantee on the parts as well as a written return policy if the part does not fix the problem.


As with all exercise equipment, ProForm makes treadmills of varying quality depending on the price point. If you bought a low-end treadmill, consider whether it's worth replacing the part of the machine itself as repair issues with cheaper machines often cascade until the treadmill isn't repairable. Be aware, too, that low-end treadmills, especially the ones that fold to save space, are more prone to repair issues than higher-end machines. Balance the cost of replacing one part on a cheap machine against the potential of investing that money in a new machine that's of higher quality and less likely to need repair with regular use.

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