How to Raise Crayfish in a Farm Pond

Updated February 21, 2017

Crayfish, also known as crayfish, crayfish and stone crabs, can grow to sizes ranging from one ounce to several pounds depending on the variety raised. Most people in the United States think of crayfish as a Cajun cooking ingredient, but the small shellfish are being grown all over the U.S. and exported to many foreign countries.

Ensure that your farm pond is at least 18 inches deep. Crayfish prefer shallow water, but need deeper water to grow, moult and breed.

Plant aquatic plants in the pond. This can be done at a shallow end. This gives the crayfish food and areas to hide.

Stock the farm pond with 18 to 27 Kilogram of crayfish per 1 acre of surface water. Crayfish are cannibalistic and will eat each other during moulting periods, so for a decent harvest, more is better than less.

Install a paddle wheel or other type of pond pump to keep the water stirred and oxygenated. Crayfish require the oxygen level in pond water to be at least 3 parts per million (ppm) in order to live.

Add commercial crayfish food to the pond weekly. While crayfish can live exclusively on aquatic plants and other pond food sources, the addition of feed will help the crayfish grow faster.

Harvest the crayfish by submerging a baited fish or minnow trap in the water. Chad, chunks of catfish flesh, or chicken livers make good bait.


Minnow traps made of wire can found at most bait shops around the country. Predators such as raccoons and birds are a problem for crayfish farmers. Check with your county extension agents for instructions on how to deal with these problems as many birds are protected by law.

Things You'll Need

  • Shallow farm pond
  • Aquatic plants
  • Pond pump
  • Fish trap
  • Fish bait
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