Cost of a gold dental crown

Updated February 21, 2017

Gold dental crowns can be a fashion accessory or a real dental necessity. If you would rather flaunt your dental crowns than camouflage them, this sparkling oral statement may be for you. However, before you start "blinging out" your smile, make sure you understand exactly what the ramifications and costs of a gold crown are.


Crowns of any type are designed to stabilise and support your teeth. They also can help fragile teeth remain durable, and can dramatically prolong the life of a tooth. Gold crowns accomplish all of this, and are also a flashy statement.


There are some practical benefits to getting gold crowns, as well. They fit better than any other type of crown, because gold is highly malleable. They are also impossible to chip, which makes them the most durable type of crown. As a result, the overall cost of a gold crown may be less than that of other varieties, simply because they require so little maintenance.


Gold crowns are definitely going to stand out, so you need to decide ahead of time whether or not that matters to you. Currently, gold crowns and "grillz"--fake teeth made of gold and gemstones--are extremely popular in certain musical circles. However, if you get a gold crown, it will be a permanent part of your mouth, so you need to decide if that is something you want to stand out about yourself for the rest of your life. Part of the cost of a gold crown is that it affects your appearance in a very obvious way.

Time Frame

Getting gold crowns usually involves two trips to the dentist's office. During the first visit, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth and install a temporary crown. One to 3 weeks later, you will return to have your permanent crowns installed. Gold crowns vary dramatically in price, depending on the dentist and any extras you may have added to the crown. They can cost from several hundred dollars up to £1,950 a tooth, with more for customisation.


The effects of gold crowns are largely aesthetic. While you are getting a better quality crown if you get gold, the main effects will be visual. Your smile will sparkle in the light, but your tooth may appear dark or dull in shade or darkness. You will also enjoy dramatically improved chewing ability if you get gold crowns on your molars.


Because gold crowns are so prevalent in the fashion world, many people think of them as temporary accessories. While you can have crowns removed, it is expensive and painful. They are not temporary decorations but permanent fixtures in your mouth. If you're looking for a fashion statement you can put in and remove at will, you should get temporary caps for your teeth instead.

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