What Is the Most Expensive Pokemon Card?

Updated July 19, 2017

Priced between £81 and £117 (and upwards) the most expensive card for the Pokemon trading card game is Charizard, the king of all fire Pokemon. An extremely effective card for the collectable card game, the scarcity of the first edition version of this card has caused the price on it to skyrocket.


The Charizard card features an extremely rare 120 HP and has an attack, called "Fire Spin", of 100, which can easily kill most Pokemon in the game. However, the most expensive version of this card, number 4/102, is from the Base Set, first edition. Later editions of the card are not worth nearly as much. Also, even though the Charizard ex card from the EX Fire Red Leaf Green set also has a high asking price, do not be confused, as it's only the original Charizard card that is the most expensive.


The Charizard card is one of very few cards in the entire series with an extremely high HP of 120, meaning it can withstand most other attacks. Additionally, since Carizard's attack is so high few Pokemon can survive it, Charizard is an extremely powerful card to place in a deck.


Although Charizard is a powerful card, it isn't always easy to play. Charizard is a stage two Pokemon (so it must be evolved). Additionally, to use the 100 point "Fire Spin" attack, the player must discard two energy cards attached to Charizard.


The Charizard 4/120 card is the most expensive, but only if it is from the first edition. Additionally, although Charizard is the most expensive Pokemon card, it is not the rarest. The rarest card is Alakazam.


In addition to taking care to avoid traditional Internet auction scams, when purchasing the card online, take care to ensure that the card is shipped in a protective sleeve. The sleeve will help to prevent any damage that may occur during shipping that may harm the condition, and therefore the value, of the card.

Also, make sure the Charizard card does not have the word "promo" written on it. Although still fine for basic playing, if printed with "promo" the card has no value and is not the most expensive Pokemon card.

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