Sermons for Teenagers

Written by chad hagy
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Teenagers are some of the most impressionable people in the world. The experiences and teachings that occur in a teenager's life will often help to shape the type of adults that they become. In today's society, however, there are so many negative influences, messages and role models available for teenagers to absorb and emulate. That's why many churches and youth pastors feel that sermons for teenagers are vital for helping them live a godly life according to the Bible.


The purpose of having sermons specifically geared toward teens is to make the Scriptures applicable to their life and explained in such a way that they can understand. There are many translations of the Bible that youth pastors can use to bring the words alive and make them more understandable. When the teenagers understand the Scriptures better, it is easier for them to look to it as a guideline for their lives.


Sermons that are designed for teenagers keep teens interested in church and the Bible. As a result, many of them live according to the principles laid out in the Scriptures. This helps keep them off the streets and hopefully living according to the words in the Bible. Sermons for teenagers also make them feel like they are an important part of their church. If the pastor is willing to design sermons specifically for them, the teenagers often feel as though they are just as loved as everybody else in the congregation.


Youth pastors and preachers have several considerations to make when preaching sermons for teenagers. In today's world, many teenagers come from broken homes and have many things going on in their lives. While it's necessary to preach what the Bible says, it's also helpful to do it in such a way to avoid offending the teenagers listening to the sermon. Also, teenagers are more savvy and knowledgeable these days than they were even 15 or 20 years ago. They know many arguments that atheists and others use against the Bible and church in general. If you're going to preach sermons for teenagers, be sure you know the Scriptures so you can back up what you say if you are faced with opposing viewpoints.

Time Frame

Sermons for teenagers should be concise. In our world of instant gratification, teenagers have a short attention span, and many of them may even have trouble sitting still for a long period of time. Have a point to your sermon and try to keep it within 20 to 30 minutes.


When preaching to teenagers, you have the potential to make a difference in their lives. Depending on the topics you choose for your sermons, you could make them feel loved when they don't feel love from anyone else. You could make them feel important when they feel like a loser everywhere else they go. You may even give some of them a renewed purpose for living when some of them just don't feel like going on with life. When you can make a difference in their lives, it will spread to their friends and family, and you may reach more people than you ever thought possible.

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