What Causes Blood in Sperm?

Updated April 17, 2017

Many men have experienced the terrifying sight of blood appearing in their semen, known officially as hematospermia, after ejaculation. Although it can occasionally be a symptom of a serious problem such as cancer, it is usually caused by minor conditions that do not need treatment and will resolve themselves over time.

Causes of Blood in Sperm

Your semen can contain small amounts of blood if you have recently suffered damage to your penis or testicles from either a blunt or sharp object. Blood vessels in the testicles can also occasionally become damaged and burst even without being physically struck by an object, causing a short-term appearance of blood. You may notice blood in your sperm for several days to weeks after undergoing certain medical procedures, such as a vasectomy or biopsy of the prostate.

Predicting Blood in Your Semen

You can gauge ahead of time that blood may soon appear in your sperm by paying attention to certain warning signs and symptoms. Constant pain in your lower back, swelling of your testicles or penis, or the presence of blood when urinating can all be indicators that there may be blood in your semen within the next few days.

Warning: What to Consider When There is Blood in Your Semen

The presence of blood in your semen will frequently resolve itself after a short amount of time and is not usually a cause for concern. You should seek medical attention to check for more serious problems if blood appears in your semen more than once in a four-week period, you are over 50 years of age, or you are also having a sharp pain when urinating.

Considerations: When to Consult Your Health Care Provider

Blood appearing in your semen generally indicates a minor condition that will not linger. In very rare cases, it can also indicate the presence of prostate or testicular cancer at any age. Consult a physician immediately for testing if blood continuously appears in your semen during most ejaculations for more than seven days.

Prevention and Treatment of Blood in Your Semen

You can prevent blood from appearing in your semen in some cases by wearing protective gear while playing a sport or engaging in any sort of strenuous activity where damage could possibly occur to your groin area. Have normal checkups with your regular physician to ensure that your prostate is healthy. Have a doctor prescribe you proper antibiotics if the blood in your sperm is caused by an infection.

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