About hidden self defense weapons

Written by kevin freeman
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There are many types and styles of hidden self-defence weapons that are available on the open market today. But which ones are the most useful, and which ones are legal? Read on to learn more about hidden self-defence weapons.


Choosing the right hidden self-defence weapon can make the difference between properly and legally defending one's self and being charged with assault or assault with a deadly weapon. Anyone who is interested in hidden self-defence weapons should first research the laws in their areas, even to the extent of contacting local law enforcement agencies, before selecting appropriate hidden self-defence weapons that are best for them.


Hidden self-defence weapons range from non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, high-level noise emitters and stun guns to lethal self-defence weapons such as combat knives and pistols. Non-lethal self defence weapons are always recommended over lethal weapons, simply for their effectiveness in stopping an attacker without inflicting serious damage or taking someone's life. The use of any self-defence weapon is a serious issue that can have a myriad of legal repercussions, making the least violent weapons the most desirable in most cases.


Among the non-lethal variety of hidden self-defence weapons, the stun gun is one of the most favoured. Stun guns come in a number of shapes and sizes, but their common purpose is to emit an electrical charge into the attacker that will render that attacker unconscious or immobilised for a short period of time. The downside to most stun guns is that they must either be used in close proximity or can only fire single shots toward an attacker. In the case of multiple attackers, stun guns can still be useful but are often less effective.


Another consideration for a hidden self-defence weapon is to legally obtain a concealed weapon permit and carry a small, easily concealable handgun. Although handguns are very serious weapons that are often lethal, they provide the most effective self-defence solution for those who must use them. The upside to using a handgun as a hidden self-defence weapon is that non-lethal ammunition can now be obtained and used to reduce the likelihood of serious injury or death to attackers. In any case, extreme caution should always be used and all legalities researched and adhered to when considering handguns as an option.

Expert Insight

After ensuring that the desired hidden self-defence weapons are safe and legal, one major issue that will be encountered is the usability of the weapon for each user. Proper training should always be sought out before depending on hidden self-defence weapons in dangerous situations, and extreme care should always be taken in using them. Even non-lethal self-defence weapons can be deadly in some situations, and all weapons can be as effective or as deadly to their users as they are to their attackers. This is why it is of the utmost importance for users to always seek out proper training from a proven expert.

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