Signs he wants to get married

Updated April 17, 2017

Many women have been dreaming about the day they will get married since they were little girls. But, for men, this dream seems to come to fruition later in life. When a man gets serious with a woman, he may start thinking about marriage. There are certain signs a man may show when he's ready to wed his girlfriend.


When a woman has been in a relationship with a man for a certain period of time, he may start discussing their future together. He may start saying "we" more than he says "I" when talking about his plans. He may even start discussing serious issues with you, such as having a family, financial issues and more. This is a sign that he is considering marriage and wants to make sure that the two of you are on the same page with issues you'll have to deal with once you are married.


If a man always says that he loves you, is in love with you and would love to spend the rest of his life with you, that is significant and a good sign that he wants to get married--and that he wants to marry you. He may start spending more time with you (if he doesn't already), paying attention to the things that you like to do and surprising you with romantic nights out or romantic things in general, such as roses.

Time Frame

As many men get older, they start to think about settling down and getting married. They may keep bringing up how their mothers continuously ask them when they are going to settle down, how many of their friends are getting married or are married, or they may just start saying how they want to settle down with someone soon and start a family.


Sometimes men may show little to no signs that they want to get married. You may not notice the subtle changes or hints he is giving off that he is ready to take your relationship to the ultimate level. If this is the case, and if you are really interested in finding out if he wants to get married, you could always ask him. Asking if your boyfriend ever wants to marry you can be tricky and you should consider the timing of that question. You could also just ask your boyfriend if he has ever considered getting married. This is an easier way to break the ice about the issue. Instead of asking about marriage specifically, you can also ask questions about the future and see how he reacts, such as "Do you want to have kids in the future?"


Women and relationship experts can speculate all day about the signs that a man will show when he wants to get married. But, every man and every relationship is different. A woman in a relationship won't really know for sure that a man is ready to get married until he gets down on bended knee, with an engagement ring, and asks her.

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