Reasons Men Lose Interest Early in Dating

Updated July 19, 2017

Dating is a challenge for many people; it can often take a number of attempts at dates before finding someone who is compatible and fun to be around. Women may find that their men lose interest quickly and the relationship fizzles out. There are a number of things that can make a man leave a relationship.

Neediness or Clinginess

A man can be scared away if a woman appears needy early in a relationship. Men are interested in dating women who are self-sufficient and don't need someone else to take care of them. If a woman seems like she needs a man in her life to be happy, men may look elsewhere to find love. Sometimes a man may feel too vulnerable if he meets a woman with whom he feels a real connection. This may make him feel needy or clingy himself, and lead him to end the relationship quickly. This could be related to a need for independence, or even to past failed relationships leaving him with a difficulty trusting others.

Moving Too Fast

If the relationship moves too fast, it may lead the man to get cold feet. If a woman starts expressing her love too soon into the relationship and the man doesn't know if he feels the same, he may end things quickly. Men who have been hurt in the past may feel like a relationship is moving too fast emotionally and decide to end it. This could be because he doesn't want to let his guard down but he feels too strongly to not let it show. In cases like this, it is often that past relationships hurt the man and he isn't looking for something serious at the moment because he'd like to avoid getting hurt again.


If a man feels bored he will probably end the relationship. This is occasionally inevitable if a couple is just not compatible personality-wise. A man dating a woman with very different interests may decide he'd rather find someone who is more like him and enjoys the same activities that he does.

Taking Things too Seriously

If a woman has no sense of humour and the man likes to joke around a lot, things may get tiresome quickly. Taking things too seriously can cause a lot of conflict in a relationship, and people often joke around to make dates more comfortably in the beginning. If jokes are made and the woman gets angry or just doesn't find them funny, the man may decide that they are not a good fit as a couple.

Too Independent

Some men are afraid of women who come across as too independent or feminist. Women who bash men will often have a difficult time finding men who agree with their views. Women who are extremely independent occasionally come across as too aloof, leaving men frequently questioning whether they are interested or not. It is important that women allow men to know that they are interested, despite being very independent.

Emotional Issues

If a woman appears to have excessive emotional issues, it may scare a man off from going on further dates. This includes if a woman comes across as too jealous too early on, or if she seems to still have feelings for an ex-boyfriend. Some details of one's life, such as emotional issues, should be left until the relationship has progressed to a more familiar stage.


Men who have or find out that they have a serious illness may end relationships before they can become too serious. This could be due to wanting to avoid hurting anyone else by his illness, or he may be too embarrassed to share the illness with anyone. If a man with an illness makes a friend and they end up developing stronger feelings, it may be too hard for him to face the relationship knowing that it will eventually need to end and his partner will be heart broken.

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