What Is the Cost of a Maine Coon Cat?

Updated November 21, 2016

Maine Coons are gorgeous and unique cats. They sport a magnificent ruff around their necks and have huge, powerful bodies. The Maine Coon can seem like a cross between a wild and a domestic feline. In truth, Maine Coons are delightful companions, with very tractable, almost doglike, dispositions.


The Maine Coon has an interesting history. Stories of its origins claim that the cats were crossed with raccoons to produce the Maine Coon, but this is genetically impossible. Others claim that various people named "Coon" were the breeders of the unusual cat that then continued to propagate. More than likely, the Maine Coon is a result of survival of the fittest. Cats imported to Maine with the settlers were faced with bitter cold and vicious damp. They grew larger and stronger in order to hunt prey, and developed their famous thick and heavy coats. They retained their tractable dispositions because they maintained their amicable relations with people. Thus, the Maine Coon was born.


Maine Coons are usually large cats. The male can weigh up to 11.3kg. and not be considered overweight. Females are generally much smaller, ranging between 2.72 and 6.8kg. Many colours are found, but the coats are long and thick, with an exceptional "ruff" around the neck. Winter coats are lush and incredibly full. Summer coats are thinner but still retain long hairs. The cat acts more like a dog than the standard cat. They enjoy playing with people, will follow their owners around with dedication and even enjoy playing "fetch."


Maine Coons hail from Maine, as their name implies. However, the cat has now gained worldwide popularity, and the animals are bred and exported to fans globally. Records exist of Maine Coons in their home state from well before the 1800s.


The male Maine Coon is as large as a small dog, standing nearly 2 feet at the shoulder. It can weigh up to 11.3kg. or more. Females are much smaller, and often average 4.54kg. to 6.8kg. They have large paws with thick fur between the pads. Their faces are large and square, their ears long and well tipped. Fur often grows out of their ears, as well. The overall impression of the cat is an extremely large, strong feline that is borderline feral in appearance.


The cost of a Maine Coon cat will vary with its pedigree, phenotype and breed characteristics. The larger and more unique the animal, the more it is likely to cost. Expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1,000 or more. These are not cheap cats to buy, and beware of breeders who claim all their stock is show quality. Pet quality will be the lower end of the cost scale, and show and breeding quality will be at the higher end. Always remember, you get what you pay for.

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