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Updated February 21, 2017

Pottery Barn home furnishings are popular with many Americans because of their casual yet distinct look. Look through magazines and you will probably find a Pottery Barn ad or reference to Pottery Barn furnishings. Pottery Barn is so well-known that it has been featured on TV shows. But for some, the items are not affordable. Fortunately, Pottery Barn opened outlet stores that sell the merchandise at 30 to 40 per cent below the retail store price. These outlets have become popular with the consumer who loves the Pottery Barn look.


Pottery Barn Outlet Stores are in 10 states: Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and New York. The address for the stores can be found on the website. At the bottom of the page, click "Store Locator." The outlet stores all have different hours of operation, so before heading out, call and find out the store hours and days open. The stores are usually located in prime locations with plenty of parking. Also available in eight locations are Pottery Barn Kids outlet stores.

The Facts

Pottery Barn Outlet Stores do not necessarily carry exactly what is in the regular Pottery Barn Stores, but prices will run around 30 to 40 per cent below the retail prices in the regular stores. Clearance items will be 50 per cent off. Savings of 30 to 40 per cent on a large piece of furniture such as a sofa or bed could add up to tremendous savings.


Sometimes outlets carry merchandise that is completely different than the original store or it's damaged merchandise. Some stores are unpleasant because they are dirty or messy. Some outlets have very little variety. But Pottery Barn Outlet stores have a good variety of merchandise, making shopping pleasing. Some merchandise may have slight flaws, so check carefully. Other items may be discontinued items, so make sure you purchase all that you need. The outlet stores have large aisles, well-stocked shelves, and a clean, airy environment making shopping a pleasant experience.

History of

Pottery Barn began in 1949 in Lower Manhattan. Williams-Sonoma purchased the chain from Gap in 1986. In 2000, Pottery Barn went online selling merchandise and opened Pottery Barn Kids, which focuses on casual furnishings geared to the imagination of children. In 2003, Pottery Barn Teen catalogue appeared for kids 10 to 19. The catalogue is designed to help teens express themselves in their own personal space. Pottery Bed and Bath opened in 2006.


Pottery Barn has been featured in a "Seinfeld" episode and in a "Friends" episode. In the "Seinfeld" episode, Kramer is tired of getting piles of Pottery Barn catalogues, so he saves them up to take back to Pottery Barn. Jerry takes one because he wants to buy an old looking phone.
In the "Friends" episode, Phoebe hates mass-produced furniture, but loves old furniture. When Rachel buys an apothecary coffee table from Pottery Barn, she tells Phoebe she bought it at a flea market. Phoebe falls in love with it until she finds out that Ross has the same coffee table. She doesn't know what to do because she loves the coffee table, but feels she can't keep it because it's modern and mass-produced.

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