Lateral Thigh Trainer exercise

The Lateral Thigh Trainer is a home exercise machine for toning the lower body. It has two pedals similar to a stepper, and it provides a swivel movement like skiing to shape the muscles on the sides of the legs and hips. It comes with some elastic bands that can be attached to incorporate upper-body exercises as well.

Basic exercise

Step onto the pedals of the Lateral Thigh Trainer. Slowly begin to shift your weight from one side to the other. Gradually increase the speed of your shifting to increase your heart rate and calories burned. The swivel movement of the pedals will simulate a skating movement. Swing your arms to involve some upper-body movement as well. Increase the speed or resistance of the machine for a more intense workout. Perform this as part of a 20-minute cardiovascular workout routine.


A variation on the basic exercise is the squat. In addition to the back-and-forth motion, squat into a sitting position as the pedals reach their outermost lateral movement on each side. This exercise increases heart rate and calories burned and gives more definition to hip and thigh muscles.

Biceps exercises

Attach the elastic bands, or power cords, to the ends of the front bar of the Lateral Thigh Trainer as shown in the instructions. As the weight is shifted to the left, perform a bicep curl with the right arm. Repeat for the other side as the lateral movements progress throughout the workout.

Deltoid exercises

With the elastic resistance bands, or power cords, attached to each end of the front bar of the machine, raise the right arm straight out in front as the foot pedals swivel to the left. Repeat with the left arm as the pedals swivel to the right. This works the front deltoid muscles of the shoulders. To work the top deltoid muscles, raise the arms straight out to the side instead of in front of the body.

Upright rows

Attach the power cords to the front bar of the Lateral Thigh Trainer machine. Grasp both handles of the cords together in both hands in front of the body. As the skiing movement is performed, pull the handles up along the midline of the body and back down again. Do this once as the machine swivels left and again as the machine swivels right.

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